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Here is my Level Design Final Project for EMC 4301 - Game Design at TTU. While constructing the level's design, I followed the 4-Step level design process as follows:

1. Introduce: You begin with a small jump. One tiny spike to introduce you to the future world of obstacles. 

2. Develop:  More intricate jumps and several more spike obstacles. 

3. Twist: Suddenly there's a moving obstacle you must time correctly in order to continue your journey. And MANY more spikes. 

4. Transition/Conclusion: You finish the level out with having to time two moving platforms to inevitably throw yourself off the cliff to restart the level. 


A huge shout out to the following people for contributing to my final level design:

- Brackeys: over-all awesomeness and killer tutorials. Without y'all, I'd be lost.
- Bayat Games: the wonderful graphics and super cute character design. 
- FMA & Scott Holmes: fantastic free use music for the background sound. 
- My Hubby: for playing through my game several times and listening to me scream at my code each time it broke. 


Lil' Squish Zip File 17 MB

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